Perhaps having things not go as planned over and over throughout our life, ideally, forces us to a place of mastery at detaching from outcomes. Perhaps, the end goal is that we get so good at detachment that we experience more peace and happiness. Which perhaps is ultimately what a loving Universe wants for us … More Detaching

Thank you Wayne Dyer

A truly great teacher loves and embodies their subject…Thank you Dr Wayne Dyer for being one of the greats. A book can change your life. His books helped change millions of lives for the better. Dedicating his life to sharing what his insights had taught him through walking the journey himself…His work displaying that his … More Thank you Wayne Dyer


An enlightened mind knows intuitively, that although in this physical life everything appears separate, it is really all connected.Therefore, for the enlightened mind life is amazing and awe filled adventure of looking for and rediscovering this truth of connectedness over and over in all things. Delight in the amazing connectedness that underlies everything in the … More Connectedness