We often build emotional walls of protection as children or teenagers because of some trauma that happened to us…and at that time we felt we really needed them. The problem becomes later in adulthood in our relationships we may have difficulty being vulnerable and trusting others and it can be very difficult to bring those … More


If we are honest it is difficult for us all to get past our egos, particularly for certain things that might trigger an old wound. You can tell when its an old wound by a huge over reaction to the present situation . When we are resentful, angry or hurt by something someone does most … More Forgiveness

Magical Energy

There is something magical about the energy of those people that live their own truth…Isn’t there? I guess Oprah comes to mind..yes yes I am a huge Oprah fan… I can remember coming home from college and running to the TV to watch Oprah…I wouldnt answer my phone when Oprah was on. It was because … More Magical Energy