Listen to your Heart

Abstract Red Background
Abstract Red Background

“The evidence you you are looking for..the proof you need to move toward what you want is in your heart.”
Often we are looking for validation or signs outside ourselves to help us make a decision about something we want to have happen in our lives. The proof…the *yes* to go ahead and take action is in your heart. Often the last place we look.
Our programming and conditioning has led us to believe that we need outer validation. If we are looking to go to school for a certain job then we may look at statistics of people employed in that occupation, or level of education…and while this may be a useful tool… When it comes to things like life purpose and important things.. I would say follow and BELIEVE what your heart is telling you..because even though on the surface the odds may not look good, I believe for *you* if your heart is giving you a strong message will be helped in ways that you cannot forsee.
Listen to your heart..heart emoticon heart emoticon I am following my own suggestion as well. Everything I write about is something that I need to hear and need to reinforce for my own life, I am on the very same path with you …Namaste

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