There is no replacement for a relationship with Yourself

Jan 25
Young woman at home relaxing in her lliving room reading a digita
“Building a relationship with yourself offers you a chance to become: your own best friend, your own life coach, your own therapist and of course a self-love guru.”
Ultimately it is the connection with yourself that will take you the farthest in life..this is my belief. Any person that comes under the heading of *healer* ideally is helping you develop skills to access yourself. Not to give you answers or have you become dependent on them. In my experience there isn’t a replacement for having this relationship with yourself..heart emoticon Of course we all need help to do that. If you work with me…I like to teach skills that foster your own connection with yourself because it is your life and I don’t have your answers for your life…you do though..
I was at an event on Friday night and there was a women in the audience that was talking about going from one helping professional to another and not getting what she needed and she was even exploited…The audience were all telling her she would *find* someone to help her soon…at no time did anyone bring up her connection with herself…unsure emoticon Of course she needed guidance but I think if she remains *looking* for her solution outside herself she may never find it…
Foster that connection with yourselfl tablet PC surf internet and work

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