The Unconscious

Jan 20th Carl Jung

“Until you make the conscious unconscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl Jung
This speaks to the part of ourselves that is outside our awareness, referred to as the unconscious. If you are like me…which I think a lot of you are heart emoticon you are attempting to stay in touch with what is going on so that you can grow and move forward toward more freedom and your full expression. In doing so, I know for myself, I frequently uncover things about myself that I didnt know previously…maybe old wounds or lies that keep me stuck etc.
Carl Jung who was a Psychoanalytic Psychologist/Psychiatrist had work like Sigmund Freud that centered around this unconscious part of ourselves that is outside our awareness. It is really an amazing body of work and to me it resonates.
I talk with my students about how the unconscious is just a household word that we all accept and how the concept is an amazing and huge contribution to the field of Psychology.
There are a few theories as to what the unconscious “is” and Carl Jung has been said to have referred to the unconscious as “god” which is food for thought right? What do you believe about your unconscious? Namaste

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