You are worthy now.

Jan 11 Self worth 2016“If we are seeking to achieve feelings of self-worth we can easily put off feeling our real worth for a lifetime. Upping the ante achieving one thing after another to prove our value. We are as worthy today as we can ever be. Never put conditions on your worthiness or it will always escape you.”
This is one of my major life lessons… which I realized a few years ago..and I am so grateful for this. I was placing my own value on my outer achievements…and was not to able to feel my own worth because I was attaching my worth to my outer circumstances and achievements…without even realizing it. “When I buy this house, have this relationship, this amount of money” was playing in the background and in the striving for things I had detached from myself and my own worth, putting conditions on *when* I would be worthy.
Then through regular meditation I was able to see it clearly and feel my worth as a divine being and really understand that I came into the world worthy and there was nothing that I needed to do to prove my worth..nothing at all.

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