You light up the World

“When you shine your light of love and compassion into the world you are demonstrating the truth of who we are. You are providing hope for those who have lost faith in humanity. Your impact is profound. Continue to shine.”

This is for all of you *lightworkers*
You hold the light for people who have given up, for people who no longer believe in love and compassion. Together we literally light up the world and provide it with positive energy. Yet, it can seem like we are not really doing that much, when in fact what we what we are doing just by choosing to be connected to the divine energy of love is profound. Never underestimate your contribution…because without you and without all of us together as a collective, the world would literally be in the dark, especially at this time. We tip the scale to more light than dark on this planet. NamasteJan 4 the truth of who we are

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