Grief and Loss

Dec 1 Grief and LossGrief and loss can feel more intense during the Holidays, reach out if you need to. heart emoticon

If you have recently experienced a loss or not so recently the holidays can almost seem to amplify the pain.

After my Mom died the first couple of years I really didnt feel like having any holiday and in fact it Christmas almost seemed insulting. I just remember crying and crying for hours and what a relief it was when it was over. It was so so painful to believe that my precious mother who loved Christmas so much was no longer going to be present. Christmas was a huge deal in my house and she did tons of things for us that could never be replaced.

So even though its been almost 20 years I still feel the grief overcome me at times because I can feel her and think about her much more during this time. But now I use this time to feel closer to her heart. So this is how its changed over time.

So whatever your feeling its ok. but if you are feeling an overwhelming sense of loss…don’t hesitate to reach out and talk about it with someone as its easy to get lost in the grief. Namaste

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