Think for Yourself

“Always think for yourself. Develop critical thinking skills. Trust what you see. Even if you are the only one who sees it that way. Don’t follow the crowd just to follow…Follow because its right for you. Use discernment. You may not know why but you will later.’ There are a lot of adults walking around … More Think for Yourself

Authenticity Inspires

“Authenticity inspires. Just be real.” Showing up everywhere just as you are and being truthful about your imperfect life and imperfect self is actually one of the biggest ways you can inspire and also connect to others. I think many of us are tired of wearing the social masks and putting on facades that perpetuate … More Authenticity Inspires

Global Peace

I am sure you, like me, have been thinking, how can we create global peace? due to all of the recent events around the world. My thoughts have been that we need to better educate people everywhere..(.U.S. included) to take care of their own psychology, how to process through feelings, how to be a healthy … More Global Peace