Compensation doesn’t work…

Nov 12 Insecurities“There will come a time when you will no longer be able to remain in certain relationships because to do so would require you to remain so small or practically invisible to compensate for insecurities that really have nothing to do with you.”
There are times when our very presence will trigger someone’s insecurities because we symbolize something that they believe they don’t have. We don’t have to even say a word.
I used to see that people had these insecurities and I would say to myself “poor so and so didn’t have it as easy as I did ” or they werent able to go to college or whatever they were seemingly insecure about… and I would deliberately steer clear of saying anything about myself that would trigger them. Making myself as small as possible thinking this is what it meant to be a “good” person” I didn’t want to be that icky person who was handing out resumes at parties…loll
I think its great to be sensitive…But thats not what I am talking about here..I am talking about not even being able to even be yourself….over a period of time you just can’t sustain this. It isn’t about us…Its their issue.
We need to be able to be ourselves *full on* When people can deal with the full on me..then that’s where I am going to invest my time.


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