Get real….

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Grunge Texture Background

“Beautiful *true* connections can only happen when we are being real.”
We all have our social masks on when we are out and about telling everyone things are “great” and perhaps even listing our most recent accomplishments…and this is the social norm.
However there comes a time if you really want to connect with someone to take off the mask and engage in just being ourselves without that filter. It can be really lonely having to be so *together* all the time and we don’t really form any true connections unless we do this.
You do have to trust people to be able to do this…trust that they are people who are not going to try to *fix* what your feeling if it isn’t happy. There are so many people that just can’t handle real feelings and will try to sugar coat things with positivity. This is is so invalidating when someone is going through something. Please don’t ever think that’s what I am trying to do on this page…I like to keep the focus positive but not in a way that invalidates real feelings or tries to bypass them.
There is no connection if we can’t bring our *whole* selves to the table; the good, the sad, the angry, fearful, depressed. Do you have relationships where you can connect with someone no matter what’s going on? ‪

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