Infinite Possibilities…

Nov. 4th

In a Universe with infinite possibilities we don’t need to have our hearts set on just one.

There is a infinite number of possibilities and this is good news!

I know most of you have had the experience of looking for a job and then finding one that sounds perfect and meets the criteria for everything your looking for…and you get an interview and then you don’t get the job…Or maybe you meet someone and get your heart set on having a relationship with this one person…and it doesn’t work out. I am certain that many times we are protected when we don’t get what we think we want. Maybe in that job you really wanted you would have had a horrible boss. And that relationship you wanted truly wasn’t a good fit after you got to really know that person.
I have learned to cast a wide net, so to speak when it comes to everything. I don’t know what is going to work and what isn’t. This is where trust comes in and the belief :whats for me is for me and what isn’t, isn’t. I trust that what is for me (most days) is going to be amazing and probably more than whatever opportunity I think I might want and didn’t get.

I love pondering this thought…


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