Acknowledging our Woundedness…

Close-up of a pensive female face
Close-up of a pensive female face
“It isn’t our wounds that hurt people, but our unwillingness to acknowledge them.”
We all have wounds. It really isn’t possible to have this human experience and not have them. People who say they don’t have any are usually in denial about them and just unable or unwilling to bring them into their awareness. These wounds can range in severity…but indeed we have all been hurt by something and its so easy to just push it aside.
When we acknowledge our hurt and we know what our *issues* are then when they do come up we can take responsibility for them. Its the unacknowledged wounds that not only cause a disconnect within ourselves, lowering our energy vibration, but also can manifest in unconscious behaviors that really hurt the people around us.
Bringing awareness to our pain will not hurt us further because remember we are *already* carrying this pain. Acknowledging them is a big step in letting go.heart emoticon Namaste

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