Tap into the Magic of Creativity

Oct 16 creativity“The vast and limitless nature of the Universe can be experienced through your creativity. This is the doorway to the magic.”
When you are in the flow with and taping into your creativity you are often in a higher state of consciousness and totally connected to *all that is* and what you produce can be amazing. Have you had that experience where you have created something and been in awe not knowing where it came from?
This is how great works of art are produced by taping into the the genius of the Universe. What flows through is magical….this is why people who may label themselves as *creative* love it so much. The thing is we are *all* creative but just not in the same way. Creativity is not specific to our ability to draw but rather about the way we think. This thinking underlies everything we do its just that in taking on the collective beliefs we have a limited definition of what creativity really is.
Are you attached to your own divine creativity? It is there for you as it is in all people. Namaste

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