Yes..first of all why are you looking for approval? Good question to answer. Sometimes when you really like someone you may try to *get* them to like you and you may not even be conscious of it ….it never works. If we are still engaged in this kind of behavior the place to look to is our own worth. Can we think we are worthy and still be *trying* to get approval? The answer is no.

When you know your worth you won’t go down the road of “begging” or “ass kissing” or “trying” to get someone to like you. You know your worthy and if the other party does not your prepared to walk away because why would you want to be with someone in a relationship if they didn’t believe you were worth the bother.

For most of us the journey to self worth is a long one, due to the conditioning we are brought up with. I never want to imply that its a *quick* fix. I have been working on myself for a long time so this is why I can bring some clarity to these issues (most days…loll) These issues of worthiness are really worth pursuing because everything I believe that shows up for us in our life is a reflection of this self worth, self love. When things show up that we don’t like this is perfect too because it shows us exactly where we need to heal.

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