It’s a New Day

Its a newYou need never feel alone on your journey back to self-love. We are all on this journey. I believe is a whole cultural movement underway; back to true authenticity and self love. The old belief systems that were in place wounded us all. These old systems are starting to crumble. It’s a new day!…
This journey to self love is not just a few of us working on isolated issues that affected us. It is *ALL* of us. A lot of the old belief systems that (yeah they are still around) moved us away from loving the unique people that we were born to be. This is a cultural healing and not just an individual healing. So if this is something you are newly conscious of..just know you are among a whole culture of people undergoing this shift.
Because I have been exposed to thousands of people I see this new movement or shift taking place. Every where people are starting to get this; that we need to love ourselves just as we are. Sure there are still many who are operating out of the old beliefs of trying to make themselves into carbon copies of some ideal fictitious person, but there are many more who are coming out of the haze of this spell we have been under for decades.
You are perfect as you are…Do you accept that?


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