Mind, Body, Spirit

aromatherapy and alchemy with pink flowers
aromatherapy and alchemy with pink flowers

“Loving myself means I honor my mind, my body and my spirit.”
We are multifaceted beings. Amazing beings… Each aspect of ourselves deserves our care and in fact one greatly impacts the other if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. This is why I really believe in using a holistic approach in working with others. Looking at the big picture of who we are and taking all of these areas into consideration.
As I think I have said before if I am eating a lot of processed foods it is going to impact my mood/mental health and so that would be undermining all the other work I am doing on myself to elevate my mood. Or if I am drinking a quart of Vodka every night and then trying to take up a morning meditation practice.that wouldn’t work..lolll The drinking would be interfering with my physical health and actually lowering my level of consciousness as well.
It is not about trying to be perfect. Its sometimes hard to share on this page with out sounding *preachy* or like I am telling you how to live and become perfect healthy people. Perfection is an illusion. What I want to convey is that here are some things I do that have helped me, here are some alternative ways of looking at things. And yeah ultimately how to have a happier, healthier life because you deserve it and I want that for you! Namaste

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