A Warriors Path

“Many of our wounds come from our cultural conditioning, that has been with the human race for centuries. Evolving out of this conditioning is nothing less than a warriors path.”

**This is a reminder…many of the limited beliefs that we carry about how life works and who we are are so limited…This limited belief system is centuries old.. When we awaken to a different way of seeing things we realize how small these beliefs are. This old system has been passed down through generations and it is no small feat to break through these beliefs because they are so entrenched and embedded into our psyche.

One example is that “life is happening to us and there is nothing we can do about it”…Not true. There are some things that happen that are out of our control but we can greatly impact our experience by the way we think. The hard part of this is that there is still a large part of our culture that doesnt believe this. So we are always bombarded with these old beliefs wherever we go.

So go easy on yourself if you slip back into these limiting beliefs because it is definately a process and you are unshackling yourself from belief systems that have been in place for a lllooooonnng time. NamasteAugust 21 Wounds

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