On Loneliness…

Beautiful woman in a transparent gown splashed in the water.

“Loneliness when accepted becomes a gift that will lead us to find purpose in life. ” Paulo Coelho

I understand this as learning to be alone, if you can accept, it will lead you to find a purpose if your listening. I think if your connected to yourself you aren’t going to really feel the loneliness and if your disconnected you will feel lonely and you won’t be open to listening to your own inner guidance but rather looking for people outside yourself to take away your loneliness.

The feeling of “loneliness” is hard to accept and leads us to feel like something is missing. Our culture teaches us that we “are not meant to be alone” and yet it is only in being alone that we can hear our own inner guidance. This is a subject that needs to be further understood I believe by our culture so that we don’t run from our “aloneness” but we can learn to embrace the riches that can be gained from be alone. I agree with Paulo Coelho that it is a gift. This isn’t to say that we don’t need relationships but that in spending at least some time alone and not fearing it we can learn to listen to all the gifts that are available to us.

We came into the world alone and will go out alone…this is not a depressing thought to me…Is is to you? Food for thought

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