Don’t put conditions on your Worth

August 12 worth

If you fall into the trap of putting *conditions* on your worth experiencing your worthiness will always escape you.

This is a big pit that we have all fallen into at one time or another and it is something to really be mindful of. If often comes in the form of subtle thoughts; “If I lose weight then I will feel better” “When I have a relationship then I will be ok” “When I have more money in the bank life will be better” you get the picture. We say these things to ourselves and then go about *waiting* to feel more worthy. Underneath these thoughts is the belief that we will become *enough* once these things happen.

For those of us that are goal setters this can last a lifetime as we continue to pursue one *improvement* after another. In reality you are always worthy, you were born worthy, there is nothing you have to do to prove this. Its ok to set goals but with the remembrance that its not to prove your worthiness either to yourself or the world but just something you are doing for yourself. Namaste

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