Stay open to Receive

What if you could receive back all the energy, love and time you have given out to other people? You can, you just have to be open to receive.

I had this thought the other day and immediately I could feel the resistance come up in my body. I believe this to be true. It may not come back from the same people but indeed the positive energy you put out *wants* to come back to you in some form.

Many of us say “yes” I am open to receive and we may even feel like the positive energy isn’t being returned to the same degree we put it out. I mean think of over a lifetime how much you put out towards family, friends, children…this is A LOT of positive energy heart emoticon
My resistance to this idea showed me where I am really at. That I am resisting the good to some degree that is trying to come back towards me. On the one hand I don’t put out positive energy to receive back and on the other hand I need to be able to receive positive energy back to keep my balance.

Watch how you respond when someone offers to buy you a cup of coffee or to give you a ride somewhere. Right away you may say “No thats ok” lolll Its not as easy to receive as it is to give for those of us who identify ourselves as *Lightworkers*

I love this thought and I plan on working through my resistance so that I can receive all the wonderful offers people are always extending to me.

Pay attention to how you receive in your own life. That is your assignment for this week.

To work with me, contact me at: Createfate12@gmail.comAugust 10


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