Learn to leave…

Grungy Texture Background
Grungy Texture Background

Yes… I used to stay waaaay too long in situations where I felt uncomfortable. I would make excuses for people and also never talk about how I felt. I would just wait for things to change. I used to think I should stay in all relationships and never end them or walk away because that was disloyal…
I know I have long out grown a lot of people and I no longer stay in situations or pursue relationships that don’t feel right. I want a honest open connections. So I have learned to leave quickly and move ahead and I don’t view relationships out of that old paradigm any more.
If its not good and life affirming then why are you staying? If it isn’t adding to your life why are you in it? If they are not supporting you why do you stay? Good questions to ask. Leaving seems too hard particularly if you have known them for a long time but staying is just an energy drain. Namaste

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