To heal is to have a better Life…

July 31 rocks healing workTo the degree you are free from inner emotional blocks is the degree you will travel in life. This is incentive to do our inner healing work.

We *all* have inner emotional blocks that prevent us from living our best life. I am forever working on things within myself. Its not that there is anything wrong with my life but I want the best for myself and I believe I can have that if I live in conscious awareness and I am able to identify within myself what might be blocking me from taking things to the next level. We cant always see what it is that is blocking us though, so in these cases we need to work with professionals and experts such as myself  that can help with identifying stopping us from living the life we want.

What do I mean by healing work. This could range from removing limiting beliefs to dealing with past trauma. Believe me I know for sure after meeting with thousands of people over the years that blocks definately stop us from not only living our best lives but in some cases they are at the root of addiction and many other social problems. There is a high scientific correlation between trauma in childhood and many of the problems that plague our culture.

The incentive in uncovering our blocks is when we identify them we can heal and in some cases, depending on whats going on they just energetically dissipate with our awareness.

What are your thoughts? Namaste

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