An Open Heart…

Sunflower isolated on white. Colorfull background.
Sunflower isolated on white. Colorfull background.

The day someone hurts you and you make a decision to keep your heart open anyway, is a very good day for you.
Closing down is a natural response to someone hurting us. It is easy to shut down. Stop trusting that person. Maybe stop trusting all people, which is the worse case scenario. When we do this we are only hurting ourselves more.
A couple of days ago someone did something and it was unintentional but it was very hurtful to me and I heard a voice in my head say “ok thats it..I am done with them” How many times have you done that? It’s the ego trying to protect us. The thing is the ego will protect us from our good as well. I realized it truly didn’t serve me to just shut off like that and I was so happy that I caught it. Because what they did had nothing to do with me.
By no means am I saying when someone hurts you or violates your boundaries in a way that it is truly damaging to you that you continue with that relationship. But what I am saying is don’t stop being open to new experiences and keep loving those people who treat you with respect. When we shut down we really do stop our own positive flow. I think many people live this way and don’t even know it.
Its no small feat to keep an open heart…Stay open because the magic of life is found where love is

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