Healing: The Promise

June 30th 2015There is a promise in doing your own inner healing work. One day you will cross an invisible threshold and you will then be able to see yourself doing things that have previously eluded you. Healing will have occured and you will be the person you always wanted to be. Renae Sauter
You may be focusing on inner healing work which comes in a variety of forms; you may be trying to love yourself more, practicing gratitude, facing fears, feeling old feelings, trying to bring in more abundance, being your authentic self, speaking your truth, setting boundaries, manifesting more of what you want, getting in touch with your spirit guides, meditating, letting go of old conditioning and beliefs and much more (how exhausting loll) …all in an attempt to bring yourself to a happier more fulfilled life. Then quietly one day you will observe yourself doing, having, and being what was impossible before you started on your inner journey…and it was all worth it.
Many times we cross an invisible threshold and don’t even know it because we are already focused on the next thing. How much change have you already created?? Its important to celebrate our successes.
I was able to see myself do something the other day which I know I would have been unable or would have hesitated doing in the past and I was able to see that my heart was healing and I was more open then ever before and this was amazing to me.
*YOU* are worth the work and the sometimes difficult rocky inner journey. heart emoticon Namaste

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