Sometimes we are presented with situations and people and the dynamic is such that it will trigger an old pain inside us. It could be from long long ago and very possibly something you thought you were done dealing with. It usually comes as an unpleasant surprise and often we may find ourselves saying “what is going on?” We feel pain, vulnerability and once again are seeing an aspect of ourselves that we thought we had dealt with. We are only able to see it for what it is if we live with conscious awareness, if not then it can be even more confusing.
I think our inner healing seems to happen in layers and it seems that we are presented with a new layer through a situation and a person when we become ready. I don’t think it is ever about *fixing* or *changing* who we are but rather just bring awareness to it and acknowledging it. heart emoticon
I think when a wound comes up that actually its a GOOD thing and signals that we are indeed ready to face it and love ourselves even more.
As we bring more awareness to ourselves when can learn to move through this *old* stuff much quicker and go easier on ourselves. It is part of the journey that our culture never really taught us to embrace. Our woundedness is something we all have in common. Namaste ‪#‎lifecoach‬ ‪#‎Inspiration‬ ‪#‎WUVIP‬

Grungy Texture Background
Grungy Texture Background


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