If there is no communication there is no Relationship

I was talking with some friends the other day…getting some feedback about what I should say/do in one of my relationships and one person suggested it better not to say anything because that would cause more problems..In other words its better to keep the peace.
THIS IS A PLAGUE in our culture…this belief that if we keep our needs, wants, feelings, boundaries to ourselves that things will just be peaceful…This is not my truth,, is it yours?…It is the opposite if you cannot talk about whats going on with you and needing people to respect your boundaries there is no relationship really…
Oh there are many people that have tons of relationships or *shells* of relationship but if you can’t be *fully* you and express yourself there is no real connection…How can there be?
How afraid are you to tell someone how you really feel? That you need to be respected in certain ways? That you have boundaries and they have violated them?
Are you comfortable telling it like it is…This refers to all your relationships not just your significant other. If someone can’t tolerate your truth, really what kind of relationship do you have?
Expressing yourself can be done in a way that is respectful and peaceful toward the other party. Huge anger outbursts come from stuffing and repressing things not from expressing ourselves as the need arises…NamasteIf a relationship cannot withstand 2015

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