Guard your Dreams…

Dodinsky 2 2015 the beach“Don’t let anyone make you think your dreams are insignificant. Life allows you to define your own happiness.” Dodinsky
We have what I refer to as our “conditioned reality” which is what most of us have been taught…In this conditioned reality we are taught we can only achieve so much and life is hard and we need to just worry about getting by and not concern ourselves with any thing beyond that…In this conditioned reality bigger dreams only come true for a *few* *lucky* people.
Then thankfully, we have our own inner voice which tells CAN have what you want and you CAN achieve your dreams…Most people do not listen to the inner voice because the conditioning is so strong.
I would say be careful who you share your dreams with if you are shaky in your own belief of your dream actually happening. If you do tell someone and they laugh and say “Yeah right” just know you don’t have to take it on..Continue on focusing on your dreams and soon you will be surrounded by people who do believe heart emoticon Namaste ‪#‎Lifecoach‬ ‪#‎Inspiration‬ ‪#‎WUVIP‬

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