Being real…leads to true happiness …

Some days pt II 2015We all have our days… Yesterday was one for me..I didnt *feel* like working or talking even (lolll) I wouldnt say I was depressed really but just not feeling like going through the routine…We have all been there and I just like to *be* with where I am at these days. I think most of us unconsciously put alot of pressure on ourselves to *feel good* and we dont really want to discuss it when we dont feel *off* because we dont want to be seen as a *downer*.
Many people work hard to project a image of how they want to be perceived and its not how their really feeling… so that they are *liked* and *fit in* the problem with that is that you can easily lose touch with yourself when your putting on a *happy face* ALL the time…
I want this page to be inspirational but also to have that inspiration come from an authentic place and not merely a cosmetic veneer… Mainly the posts here are inspirational but also I like to put out thought provoking posts and reminders to help us all (me included) with our life journey. Namaste

2 thoughts on “Being real…leads to true happiness …

  1. Felt like this on Sunday, Renae! I believe I was feeling the energies of the Full Moon, which were all about releasing old feelings since it was in Scorpio…and that was about going within and alone time. The energies continued into yesterday. Thanks for being Real!

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