Overcompensating leads to Resentment

overcompensateThis was my thing that I used to do and still catch myself doing at times.. I would see what I thought was someone’s insecurities and then I would over compensate in some way (selling myself short) to try to make them feel better. For many years this was unconscious but I see it now for what it is. I would leave those relationships unfullfilled because I would forgo my needs (making myself smaller) to try to compensate for what I thought(was it true?) I was seeing in someone and inevitably feel resentful etc…
I was doing the other person a big disservice by not allowing them to meet my needs and I was wasting time in a lot of cases with people who were not ever capable of meeting them…
So stand tall in your full glory…never worrying about intimidating others or being *too much* as you will meet the *right* people for you and be able to fulfill your needs. Namaste


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