Your resonance PT 2015This is a really *IMPORTANT*message. We all gravitate to certain bodies of work; Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Louise Hay are all examples and there are many… When reading threads online and in different forums elsewhere that I am a part of I notice that people are leaving messages that sound like they are idolizing someone else and their work… instead of taking the message further and personalizing it to themselves… this is a big big disconnect.
When I work with people I am always refocusing them back to themselves.. I don’t have their power…they do..and while I can help guide them and clarify what I see they are the ones who carry the power. The degree to which you are idolizing someone *else’s* message is the degree to which you are not connected to yourself. Its important to be mindful of this or you will never fully be in your own power and you will always be looking to someone else for your answers, which they don’t have.
This is one of my main messages that I want to get across to people with my own work . Namaste


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