You are comparing yourself to an Illusion…

You are comparing yourself to an illusion

I am sure you have had the experience where you have been envious of someone else’s life, they may seem to have what you would want. Then you may actually get to have a close up of their life and you realize…”oh no I would never really want their life, its not at all what I thought it was” lolll
When we are comparing ourselves, our lives to someone else its often just an *illusion* we are comparing it to and not how their life truly is.
We project how we think it is onto someone and then believe it!
So the next time you compare yourself to someone remember this and it will help you disconnect from what probably is an illusion.
Our lives contain exactly the right people, places that are optimal for our individual soul’s least this is what I believe. So there are no mistakes and what is is what *is* optimal for the growth of your individual soul. heart emoticon Namaste #Lifecoach #Inspiration #WUVIP

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