You can only do as much as you Can

In trying to create change in our lives we can only do what is humanly possible.Never more than that heart emoticon
I have been juggling so many things over the past year and have been on the move non-stop. I have been telling the story of this is what I *have* to do to move ahead. Even though its been occurring to me that I have to let the Universe do its part…deep down I haven’t really been trusting this..therefore I haven’t been letting the energy flow heart emoticon This causes delays and lowers my energy.
I have to trust the Universe and allow myself to stop when I need to and trust that I never need to do more than I can…heart emoticon
It is a delicate balance of doing our part and then also allowing the Universe to take over when we have done all we can.
Are you trying to do too much? Trust in the energy of the Universe to bring you what you need. heart emoticon Namaste #Lifecoach #Inspiration #WUVIP


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