ohso 2015I can remember my Mom saying to me “Your too sensitive Renae ” well how could I be any different than I was? Hearing that sensitivity was not a good thing and I should toughen up caused me to hide parts of myself. I have always had great compassion for all people and I used to hide it because I didn’t want anyone to know how sensitive I was.
What I have realized is that my sensitivity is truly a gift and yes there are times when I wish I wasn’t so sensitive but I would’nt be myself if I wasnt sensitive, nor would I be able to be there for other people in quite the same way. So if you are sensitive know that this is exactly who you are supposed to be and its not something to get *rid* of. You can learn to work with it and use it to show others compassion and also to receive the gifts of love that come your way. #Lifecoach #Inspiration #WUVIP

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