You Can live your Dreams…

uniqueOne of the most difficult tasks I think we have in being human is really embracing our own uniqueness.. The reason its so difficult is that we live in a culture that promotes sameness and this fosters competition.
If we can just internalize the fact that we are each here, as unique beings and this means that if we have a dream we cannot make it happen exactly like someone else…and that this doesn’t mean that we have to give up on our dreams.. I think the majority of the population interprets it that way…but rather we can move ahead doing it in our own unique and perfect way…knowing its good enough to materialize what we want…Namaste


4 thoughts on “You Can live your Dreams…

  1. There is room to create, we’re only limited by the depth of our imagination, and we’re limited by our insecurities of what others “might” think.
    As a healer, I focus not on what others are not doing to fulfill their lives. More importantly, I am focused on where and what brings my life into fulfillment.


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