Sleep Needs

sleepSLEEP (is this a dreaded topic?) is an important part of health and wellness and yet something that a lot of us see as optional at times. Sleep needs differ for each person and usually they remain the same throughout your life declining some as we get older.
The brain is active during sleep and working on our memory system and restoring our body from physical exertion.
Science puts people into two categories: short sleepers (those that need 4 hours or less) and Long sleepers (those that need 8-9 hours or more) this would be stable throughout your life and not something that changes because you deliberately cutback.
I meet quite a number of people that operate on just a few hours a night and they say their body adjusts..Not really Performance of driving, daily tasks, work all is impacted by not enough sleep. Not to mention the numerous health risks over time that lack of sleep contributes to. I wont mention those as I dont like health articles that try to scare you…loll
How much sleep do you get? Is it a priority in your life? How important of a role do you think it plays in your overall wellness? Namaste #Lifecoach #Sleep #Scienceofsleep #Memoryconsolidation #health #WUVIP #CFHighVibe

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