Do you feel less worthy when something ends or changes? This is an indication that you have been measuring your worth there… This is easier said than done… I know If we bring awareness and honesty into our lives on a regular basis…we can find the areas that we give away our power in this way.
I truly wish there was a class many times throughout our life that reminded us that we are worthy just for being alive because I think we assume the opposite; that we should keep striving to attain what our culture tells us makes us worthy…The thing is we can never get there and there is never enough proof.
The proof is that you are here alive, loved and given this wonderful, hard, amazing experience to do with what you choose and none of it makes you worthy..because you already are…
Hope this is a reminder to you today if you have given your power away. Namaste #Lifecoach #Worth #Worthiness #Selflove #Inspiration

How do you measure your worth
How do you measure your worth

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