LIfe is easier with a belief in a Higher Power

Life is so much easier now that I choose to believe in something greater than myself…..I recently met with a man that was sharing his story of tremendous loss with me. He had lost any belief of a God or Higher Power. As I was listening to him and validating his feelings I was looking for an opening of where I might see a positive so that I could reframe his situation for him…I knew there would be one. I never attempted to minimize his feelings or his situation because that is an important part of the process.
While he was talking about his unemployment I kept thinking maybe he can use his free time from unemployment to write this just kept popping into my head…and then he said “I have been writing and even entering contests with my essays and winning. I have never had the time to write before and its something I love…..
Sometimes the road is long and the new opportunities that we are going to move into take a long time to develop and even understand… But for me..I believe they always come and that we are always being asked by the Universe to expand into more…often whether we like it or not..
I decided at a young age to believe in something greater than myself because I thought…”even if I am wrong I will be happier while I am here” and I never looked back… Namaste Renae #Lifecoach #Inspiration#UniversalSourceEnergy

Belief in something Greater
Belief in something Greater

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