The Halo Effect

What makes a powerful person

A truly powerful person feels empowered on the inside and therefore doesn’t feel the need to assert power just to display how powerful they are…
This post was brought on by something I heard in the media. A TV station was referring to a person as rich and powerful..and it just so happens that this person is allegedly the perpetrator of violent crimes against women. It struck me how often we hear the media refer to people who are monetarily wealthy as powerful…as if the two have a real correlation… They don’t..
Persons that commit acts of aggression against others are feeling bankrupt of any personal power. When you feel a lot of personal power you aren’t going to feel the need to have power *over* others and certainly not to the extent of committing violent acts.
The *Halo Effect* is a well known phenomena where we assign *many* favorable characteristics to someone based on our overall favorable impression . We all do this and many times we aren’t even conscious of it. It always strikes me when I see this and a lot of people do it to a ridiculous extent without taking the time to get to know someone.
A truly powerful person is many times not the stereotypical model of power but instead a person who is quietly in the background without any real need for *power* displays…Food for thought..Namaste #Lifecoach #Inspiration#Powerful #BillCosby

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