Stop the Repression
Stop the Repression

My experience in meeting with hundreds, thousands of people over the years has left me believing that *most* people have had some type of trauma in their life that they*repressed* in part because of this cultural norm that says we must go out into the world and look like we have it all together. Let me qualify this statement by saying that not all of the people I meet with are mentally ill or unstable…I have seen a good amount of people that are healthy functioning adults.
Some people may say they don’t have any trauma in their history and this may be true…but I think most of us have been through some rough experiences that we have kept hidden or only talked to a Therapist about or a select few.
I think the the time has come to realize the gravity of this culturally accepted repression and what it has cost us emotionally. I am not saying that we have to shout out our painful experiences from the mountain top but lets quit pretending these experiences are so rare… They are not rare..As we begin to drop the facade on a larger scale the healing can begin and people will be less inclined to hide from themselves and others what they have been through. Namaste #Lifecoaching #Inspiration #Healing #Trauma

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