The truth will set you Free

the truth will set you free white lined paperThe truth will set you free…lighten your load..also most importantly you won’t be living out of a *wound* anymore…Pretending something that is painful didnt happen doesnt make your pain go away. We can focus on whats positive and you know I am on board with this…but if we are focusing *away* from something the thing we are focusing away from doesn’t go anywhere.
You may notice a theme in my posts lately surrounding this very topic and its because I am having a big awareness shift on how doing this has affected myself and all of the people I have worked with over the years..We want to help ourselves with *self-help* material and I am all for this…but in doing so we don’t want to try to escape the pain inside ourselves as we just continue to carry the pain and importantly holding on to stuck emotion can cause cellular changes over time and illnesses etc.
Set yourself free by expressing fully the experiences you have had that have been really hard. This is the root of true inspiration…Namaste

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