Making outer changes to our appearance and our environment is fun . However when we live in the *extremes* (thats what I am referring to here) and spend money we don’t really have on cars, houses, clothes or get into relationships that we deep down know are wrong to present with an outer persona- that we are trying to project to the world that says “I am ok” “I am valuable”…ultimately these things don’t really add to our self worth.
Living day to day putting value on ourselves and addressing those areas that might need our love and care is how we build real worthiness.
We are worthy just by being here and being alive…there isn’t any thing that we need to do. However most of us have issues of worthiness -some due to the strong cultural influences and some due to other things that have happened to us in our life… Choose to do the real inner work and your outer environment will mirror that back. You are worth it, right? Namaste #Lifecoach #Selfworth #InspirationDo the inner work

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