Communication…Are you good at It?

How are your communication skills?
How are your communication skills?

You deserve straight forward honest, direct, clear communication from your relationships.Nothing less. Last week I had an experience with someone who was obviously trying to communicate with me and did so in a way that was so indirect and sideways that it truly made me laugh. This person was just completely trying to manipulate the situation and eliminate her fear of just asking. If someone wants something from me I prefer that they are straight forward and just ask In fact at this point in my life I will take nothing less than that
Once again upon further reflection.. I realized a pattern in all my relationships of this type of behavior. What? Realizing it all comes back to me and that everything is just a reflection of me…I am a paid communicator its one of the things I do best..and yet it appears that I am attracting situations where people do not want to be direct about what they need from me…so I am currently reviewing this..
Communication is not easy …particular with those closest to us. Is the communication you are receiving clear? If not…are you clear and direct and honest in your communication style? Food for thought. Namaste ‪#‎Lifecoach‬ ‪#‎Inspiration‬ ‪#‎Communication‬

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