Smiling for no reason at All.

Do you smile a lot?

4 thoughts on “Smiling for no reason at All.

  1. Then there are those of us who rarely smile, who rarely show outward emotion, but we are just as happy. I share more about how our differences impact everything in our lives, including spirituality, in my upcoming book, “Critical Revelations Focusing on Contemporary Spirituality.”

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  2. Yeah, about the book. It’s with an editor right now. And about the smiling, if you read a bit about introverts, many tend to not show a lot of emotion. It’s kind of a touchy subject for me. I don’t like the way I look when I smile, so I don’t tend to do it very often or I keep it pretty low key. I’m not sure if my feelings about it come from the introversion, I can’t really explain it beyond what I’ve shared here. However, I work with a number of introverts in the business I’m in and I see a lot of serious demeanors. :–)

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