wallsWe often build emotional walls of protection as children or teenagers because of some trauma that happened to us…and at that time we felt we really needed them. The problem becomes later in adulthood in our relationships we may have difficulty being vulnerable and trusting others and it can be very difficult to bring those walls down that were once self protective.
Often we are protecting ourselves from *feeling* pain, disappointment that is from that time we still carry or we don’t want to *ever* experience those feelings again.
If we can trust ourselves we don’t really need to trust others Yes thats what I said..because if you trust yourself you know you will take yourself out of a situation that is wrong for you Of course we want to be with trust worthy people but if they aren’t you will know it and have the option to leave.
Taking the walls down is a process so go easy on yourself But remember you have the control in taking them down Namaste


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