We are all Energy Readers

IntuitionI think we are *all* energy/intuitive readers and are picking up on information from people all the time. Often we are not conscious of it. How many times have you learned something later about someone and then said, “I knew it” you already knew because you were reading their energy. Or met someone and felt just a instant liking or warmth toward them before they even spoke…you are recognizing their energy♥
Your intuition is never wrong ..its just that we need to learn the difference between what is ego and what is intuition. Its a muscle that you need to work to become better at it but its a part of who we all are…we just have been taught that its not valid…
I teach Psychology and even in our texts it says there is no significance to it (scientifically) ahhhh… not true..its just that its difficult to measure.
Listen to what you are picking up on…it can be very telling Namaste #Lifecoach #Energy #Intuition #Inspire


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