That shameful experience is not who you are…


What happened to you is not who you areFor those of you who not know or may not have seen previous posts I am both a teacher I teach college psychology courses and a therapist/Clinician and so in both those roles its my job to educate and talk about tough subject matter so I am used to it:):)..but I know amongst the general population the conversation surrounding *abuse* of any type; physical, emotional,sexual is not probably as readily discussed.
One of the main things I have seen is working with hundreds, thousands of people over the years is this pervasive shame that remains inside of persons who have been victims of any type of abuse. So I bring it up here on this inspirational/feel good page because I believe having a great life filled with happiness means that we have 1. address our feelings surrounding what happened to us and so if you havent talked with a professional I urge you to do so. 2. I sincerely want you to have the best life possible and I know that the you are SO much more than what happened to you.
I dont believe in practicing positivity without addressing our wounds and doing our own inner work because I know for sure that the wounds remain and we act out of them. ***I am also attaching a video of a friend who gained awareness about her own abuse and went through her own healing journey..(its positive) Namaste and much love!!!!


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