Sheer Ridiculousness…

Are you people pleasing?
Are you people pleasing?

Have you ever gone along with something at the expense of your own beliefs? Even something that deep down you thought was ridiculous? You may have done it in an attempt to *people please.* Sometimes in the past when I have tried to take the high road on a topic and or stay open to others beliefs I have been part of groups or organizations where the conversation and beliefs were so far from what I myself believe. I have done it not because I didnt realize this but because I was *people pleasing* on some level telling myself things like…oh its not that big of a deal or I need to work on taking the high road and accept these beliefs. Even when we consider ourselves to be very evolved we can fall victim to this.
This of course does not work in the long term and I realize that I should never be somewhere where people are discussing things that can be even insulting to me just to please someone else…..
.Have you ever found yourself in a group where sheer ridiculousness (to you) was being discussed? Food for thought…


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