Unfinished Business…

BENCH 333Do you have UNIFINISHED BUSINESS with someone and if you were sitting here with that person what would you say to them?? Most of us carry some type of unfinished business. If it is someone that is no longer living- can you write a letter or even share with someone what you want to say to that person. We need to unburden ourselves to live a happy life or we risk carrying the weight of our burden in another form; extra physical weight, addictions etc. Set yourself free by expressing yourself..I realize it can’t always be done in person for a variety of reasons but you can find another way… Namaste

Along with *INSPIRATION* I like to post posters that can be provocative and a catalyst for new awarenesses as well as a reminder that life is asking that we continue to grow and change through out our life..its never ending:) Dont forget to sign up for a LOVE NOTE to your inbox….#lifecoach #Inspiration http://eepurl.com/3ZVjj


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