Listen to your own Unique Calling…

The Impostor Syndrome

I can remember on my first counseling job just out of college in my twenties being so afraid I was going to say or do something to make my prospective client’s experience worse. After all, who was I to be counseling someone else? Looking back I can see that I was afraid my own wounds would some how make me ineffective. Just underneath the surface was the belief that I should be perfect before doing any type of counseling. Now I know its my own wounds that make me effective. They are what allow me to understand and know what clients are going through. Text book theory isn’t enough. If you don’t know pain in your own life, how can you understand another’s? At the time I remember telling my supervisor about my discomfort and he said “Oh you have the imposter syndrome”. Imposter Syndrome defined: a psychological phenomenon where the person is unable to internalize their competence. My boss assured me that it was normal and everyone felt this way initially.He validated my credentials and education but still fears were lurking. Eventually, I did get over my fears but I have noticed that the imposter syndrome re-enters my life whenever I try something new.

The Green Light has to come from You

In life I quickly received the lesson: you are the only one that is going to give the go ahead.  I think many people are unconsciously waiting for someone to say, “Yes you are good enough to do ” X, Y or Z”  “You can sing”  “You can dance” “Yes,you are an artist”  “Yes your good enough to be a writer”  Whatever the dream may be a lot of people are  quietly waiting for the green light to proceed. Guess what? The green light never comes. So unless they are willing to jump, risk ridicule (the worst of which is in their own mind) nothing will ever move forward.

Life will challenge your Decision

Life will often show us the opposite once we make the decision to move forward. Life wants to be sure, we are sure. The book is written and sent to the publishers and the person is awaiting a reply. It comes with not only a rejection letter but with an undertone that the person should reconsider being a writer all together. Then the ego says “See I told you you weren’t good enough” This is where most people stop or self sabotage. This is where the road to true greatness begins for the brave. There are those people that push ahead anyway listening to their soul and their knowing.They just know they are a writer and no one can tell them otherwise. The truth is etched into their being, etched into their soul. Be that person listen to your calling.

The Universe has more than one marketing Strategy

I have been pondering my own next steps lately. I feel strongly called to write a book that I know deep inside that only I can write, but then I see the millions of blogs, authors, publishing house twitter handles and it appears to be a big big world. The marketing people are saying “Get on social Media. Network. Be seen. Be heard.Grow your facebook page bigger and bigger.  “This is the only type of marketing that works” says the umpteenth marketing strategist email, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..  Don’t believe it if its in your soul to do it can happen. It will happen your way. I refuse to buy  the small  fish in the big pond belief system. I am going to press ahead.The Universe is infinite, there is always a way. My stories are etched into my soul, yours are too.

A Nod from the Divine

Today as I was moving through my day I came across a Youtube video which featured Wayne Dyer on a three minute video clip. It was right on time, so synchronistic, as I have been pondering my own future book.. The video is entitled:  “Writing from the Soul “. Dr. Dyer was mentioning a book he was reading and how the Authors writing style (1920’s Author) would be greatly criticized by one of Dr Dyers former English teachers but that that was that writers unique style. Our unique soul gifts are to be shared and are not meant to fill just one mold.There are as many molds as there are people..Dr Dyer shared a quote from the book “Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself”  I was stunned the Universe was giving me a  nudge,and now I am nudging you.

Be true to what you know is True.

Be true to your soul’s calling. There is no one way, right way to do anything.Just an infinite number of expressions to enjoy. Your greatness depends on nothing but your own internal validation. If up until now you have believed otherwise; change your beliefs. You may experience the imposter syndrome when you step into a new role but fear subsides once you look it in the eye. Cheers to your greatness. I believe in you!


6 thoughts on “Listen to your own Unique Calling…

  1. I love hearing about the history of other writers, the bits and pieces that people discovered from other writers that enabled them to figure out, and hold on to, who they are. Thank you for sharing this!

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